Tape – Water-Activated Carton Sealing

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Available in a wide variety of sizes and product construction, reinforced tapes are designed to provide consistent performance in carton sealing applications where durability, extra strength and reliability are required. Extra strong fiberglass yarns are bonded between the high tensile strength sheets for an extra margin of strength.

The Benefits of Reinforced Tape

  • Secure Bond – independent testing proves our tape bonds faster than any competitor’s of like construction.
  • All Weather Use – not affected by extreme hot or cold temperatures.
  • Superior Strength – fiberglass yarns seal your cartons with an extra measure of strength.
  • Takes on the Dust – our starch based adhesive absorbs dust and bonds securely to the carton. Sealing the seam also acts as a dust barrier.
  • Environmentally Friendly – non-cellulose materials can be removed during repulping to allow for easy recycling.
  • Pilferage Proof – fiber will be irreparably damaged upon tape removal.

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