Polypropylene Twine

Continental offers a complete line of monofilament spiral wrap and fibrillated slit film polypropylene tying twines.

Spiral Wrap monofilament tying twine is made of parallel untwisted filaments bound together with a spiral wrap.

Slit Film tying twine is made of fibrillated tape, twisted for continuity, uniformity and strength.


  • Superior tensile and knot strength
  • Preferred by users because it is soft, smooth and pliable
  • Resists rot, moisture, mildew and most acids, and all rodents
  • Knots easily and tightly – lays flat on packages
  • Each coreless tube is individually shrink wrapped to ensure package stability and cleanliness
  • Ball footage is guaranteed
  • Attractive appearance
  • Standard tying twine products are non-treated, non-lubricated and uniform in size
  • Most complete line of spiral wrap and slit film tying twines available
  • Also, specially designed Tree Robe, Tomato Tying Twine, slit film plied twines and lubricated automatic machine tying twine are available.

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