Machine Grade Film

Stretch Film

There are 3 grades of machine film available.

The standard grade films are the types of film that have been available for 30 years. This film is available in both Blown and Cast with most of the market being cast grades. It is available in gauges from 60 to 150 and is typically a 2-sided cling low cost film meant for lower prestretch levels and slower machines. Typical maximum prestretch is between 150% and 200%, depending on thickness.

The next grade is the high performance grade. This material has been around for approximately 15 years and is designed to allow you to down gauge and increase your prestretch levels. A 75ga version of this film is as strong as a standard 80ga material even at higher stretch levels. This film is traditionally a one side cling cast film that can be prestretched up to 250%.

The newest grade is Ultra high performance film. This cast one sided cling film has been available for 5 years. A 60ga version of this film is as strong as an 80ga standard film and can be stretched at levels up to 300%. These films must be stretched at least 250% to fully activate the memory and give them the holding force required to act like a thicker film. This film is available in thicknesses as low as 39ga.

Even though the price per pound of the high performance and ultra high performance films are higher than standard films, your cost per load wrapped will be substantially lower.

Continental specializes in matching the correct film to your load and wrapper to give you the strongest load possible at the lowest cost. We would be happy to stop in and audit your application to determine what savings opportunities are available.

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