Poly Bag Materials

Pre-Made Large Industrial Bags

Continental offers a wide variety of Industrial Bags including bags on a roll, carton liners, automatic insertion bags, drum liners, pallet bags, pallet shrink bags, printed bags for tamper evidence, outdoor storage bags, Gusseted bags, medical bags for sterilization and many more options available. Please let Continental know your requirements.

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Small Bags

Continental will supply you with a wide variety of small bags including poly bags, wicketed bags, resealable bags, bags on a roll, poly tubing, small gusseted bags, postal bags, colored bags, shrink bags and many additional choices.

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Specialty Bags

Continental offers centerfolded poly bagging film to create your own bags on F/F/S type machinery, shrink bags, barrier bags, vacuum bags, printed bags, vented bags, pallet covers, clean room, medical, ices and many others. Please let Continental know your requirements.

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