Laundry Bagging System Vertic-L-PP

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Rennco's Vertic∙L-PP laundry bagging system provides a reliable, versatile cost effective packaging solution to other roll stock systems or pre-made bag operations.  The Vertic∙L-PP system is equipped with a light screen cycling mechanism that counts the items per package; or can be equipped with a weigh scale option.

Product Attributes:

AIR REQUIREMENT .6 CFM Per Machine Cycle at 80 PSI
ELECTRIC REQUIREMENT 120 Volt - 1 Phase - 60 Hz - 10-15 amps
PACKAGE SIZE 18" x 24"
SPEED Depends on product count per bag; Approx. 4000 products per hour

Features & Benefits:

Touch Screen Recipe selection for package specifications
Light Screen Auto Cycle Allows for automatic machine cycling
Vertical Film Roll Placement Ease of changing roll stock material
Trimless Package No material scrap
Bag Tapper Assist distribution of products in package

Operational Summary:

Towels are received into the hopper area from upstream equipment. Towels or shop rags advance towards the operator station. The operator "tosses" towels into the pouch area through the light screen which keeps track of the number of towels per bag. Once the count is reached, the machine will cycle and produce the bag. The operator continues to load the next group of towels at the time the machine is cycling. This system offers ease of loading and increases product speed over current systems being used.

  • Finished package exits on conveyor to customer specified height
  • Interface panel shows correct product count
  • An ergonomically friendly platform raises the operator 20" from the floor.

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