Doors – Damark Custom Sized L-Sealer

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There are dozens of models in the DAMARK family of custom size L Bar Sealers for the shrink wrapping of over sized products; printed material such as posters and paintings, glass products such as windows and windshields, and wooden products such as railings and garden lattice, just to name a few. The seal width on these models can range from 22” wide up to 60”, while the seal length can range from 42” long all the way up to 124”.

Standard features of this unit include; an electro-magnetic hold down and air cushion return cylinder, a low voltage impulse type sealing system with an innovative electronic control system, an adjustable stainless steel product loading platform, film clamps, one perforator roller, an adjustable speed product discharge conveyor in the seal area, and a quick change film system, easily adjustable for different sized rolls of film up to 28" long. All controls for the machine are conveniently located on the front of the machine and include adjustments for conveyor speed, conveyor run time, dwell time and sealing temperature.

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