Damark SMC 1620 L-sealer with ST-16 Tunnel

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These two models are available individually or as the LS-1 combo system which is an economical and simple way to order a complete Shrink Packaging System. This package combines the SMC 1620 L Bar Sealer and a matching ST-16 shrink tunnel. The LSR-1 comes with a roller style conveyor in the shrink tunnel and is used to shrink wrap stable products such as boxes, brochures, or flat product with a 4" or greater length or diameter. The LSB-1 comes with a Teflon mesh belt conveyor in the shrink tunnel and is used for unstable products such as bottles or product that are 4" or less in length or diameter.

SMC 1620 Standard Features

  • SMC 1620 Standard Features
  • Electrical : 110 volts, 12 amp.
  • Machine Direction: Standard Infeed Is Right to Left.
  • Low Voltage Impulse Sealing System.
  • Adjustable, Stainless Steel Product Loading Table.
  • Film Clamps.
  • Maximum Film Width:20” Maximum.
  • Sealing Area: 16” x 20”.
  • Quick change roll holder system, fully adjustable for different sized rolls of film.
  • Perforator roller for air evacuation from completed package.
  • Shipping Size : 61 lg x 33 w x 50 h, 500 lbs.

ST-16 Standard Features

  • Electrical: 220V / 1PH / 20A.
  • Shrink Tunnel Chamber 24” long x 16” wide x 9’ high.
  • Temperature controlled by digital temperature controller.
  • Adjustable speed conveyor system is either Teflon mesh belt or steel roller type, with the rollers covered in silicone tubing to prevent film sticking to the bare roller. Rollers are set on 2" centers on hollow pin chain.
  • 3200 watts heating capacity.
  • ShippingSize:44lgx33wx58h,600lbs.

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