Interpack CE Series Case Erectors

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Interpack’s CE Series Vertical Format Case Erectors are operator free, automatic machines that will form a knocked down uniform sized case, fold the bottom four flaps and
apply pressure sensitive carton sealing tape to the bottom of RSC or HSC style cases.

These value priced machines offer significant productivity gains over manual case erecting as well as addressing the effects of strain related illness or repetitive motion issues.

These vertical format case erectors offer an expanded range of case sizes versus horizontal format erectors. These compact footprints conserve floor space while improving productivity.


• Processes up to 12 cases per minute
• Folds four bottom flaps pneumatically in the stationary position
• Rapid case size set up with no tools or change parts
• Standard casters, case on demand eye, low tape and no tape
• Analog counters simplify case size set up
• Powered hopper has 48” of capacity (approx. 135-150 RSC cases)
• Up to six vacuum cups positively withdraw the case
from the hopper
• Powered hopper lift
• Visual and audible alarms for case erect failure
• Spring loaded side belt drive propels the case through case taping

Technical Specs:

Speed Up to 12 cases per minute
Electrical Power Requirements 110 VAC 1PH 60HZ 5A
Pneumatic Power Requirements 10 CFM at 90 PSI
Tape Width 1.5'' - 3''

Price: $0.00