Continental Successfully Testing the Limits on Ultra-High Performance Stretch Film

Continental, working in conjunction with a national customer, created savings of thousands of dollars per year by recommending a change to an ultra-high performance thin gauge stretch film. When our technicians first visited the plant the customer had four automatic wrappers prestretching 60ga film at 200%. Unfortunately, they were experiencing rejected film rolls and damage to their product.

Together we worked toward the solution. We first helped them drop to 51ga high performance film which decreased their film usage per load from 8.7oz to 7.3oz. Next, we raised the prestretch level to 250% to further reduce usage to 6.0oz per load. The customer was so confident with the performance of the film and excited about the savings that we then raised the prestretch level to 300%. This dropped the amount of film being used per load to 5.2oz!

This customer’s damaged load problems have disappeared, and they’ve experienced no rejected rolls since these changes were implemented 18 months ago. Due to these successes, the customer is now testing 47ga material which is lowering their usage to 4.8oz. Overall Continental has saved this customer 45% on their stretch film usage.

High performance stretch film is designed to be as strong as a much thicker standard version stretch film. A 60ga high performance film is as strong as a standard 80ga film, when applied correctly. Higher quality resins are used in manufacturing this product, which are run on only the newest state of the art extrusion lines. This makes for a much more consistent product. Continental can show you how high performance stretch film can save you money while improving your packaging performance.

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